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Discover the World’s only game agnostic, synchronous play, multi-territory, fully monetized tournament engine.
3rd party game developers
Attract new users and monetize your game through multiple competition formats.
Licensing partners
Offer monetised skill-based multi-player tournaments to your users on web, mobile and SMART devices.
Experience real time, synchronous gaming against friends, random or skill-matched opponents.
The challenge
There are lots of good, solid games in the market, but developers are finding it increasingly hard to monetise, increase ARPUs and customer LTV
The solution
Games get super-charged by Nemesis!
The Outcome
Enable multi-player tournaments and additional social features for maximum user experience and monetisation
The Nemesis platform is distributed, globally, both directly and through a network of strategic partners.
Marketing Partners
Drive affiliate traffic and earn revenue share.
Game Platforms
Pre-installed application for Android and iOS consoles.
White Label
Value-add solution for existing gaming and social media partners.
It's more fun when it's competitive.
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